Join us for Worship!

Worship takes place every Sunday at 10am!

Throughout the pandemic, all of Friendship’s programming is taking place on Zoom. For security purposes, we only share Zoom links via our weekly e-news. You can sign up for the e-news by clicking the button below!

Click the button below to get started with Zoom (note: it works best if you download Zoom to your device rather than using the web browser). 

Post-pandemic, we look forward to hosting our community at our new home, 5150 N Northwest Hwy.

A note about how we will be together:

Friendship is an open & affirming congregation which means we are committed to listening for the ways folks share who they are and how they want to be called, paying particular attention to names and pronouns such as they, them, she, her, he and him.
When someone tells you their name and pronoun please use it, if you make a mistake or are corrected simply apologize, correct yourself and move on.
We are creating gatherings that are accessible, inclusive and courageous. And we are still learning together.
We secure our online gatherings and we want to be transparent:
The information we share during zoom worship is recorded, open to the public and is not confidential. When praying for others we will use first names only or refer to folks as friends, family co-worker etc.
In our community life & worship we honor the inherent worth of each person and will not only include but celebrate one another in all of our diverse identities.
We will hold the stories we hear with integrity and care, and we will share our own stories and perspectives with humility and vulnerability. We do so, not to make judgements or come to consensus but to come to a deeper and richer understanding of one another and of God.
If someone disrupts or does harm in our gatherings they will be removed. This too, is an act of courage.

What does Worship look like at Friendship? Take a look!