Join us for Worship!

Worship takes place every Sunday at 10am!

We are beginning to worship in person in our new home at 5150 N Northwest HWY! Our worship service is fully hybrid, meaning that you can join us in person or on Zoom. We stream our Worship service from our space at 5150 to Zoom, and incorporate the folks on Zoom so that it’s a fully integrated service. For security purposes, we only share Zoom links via our weekly e-news. You can sign up for the e-news by clicking the button below!

Masks are required at all times for everyone who joins us in person.

Click the button below to get started with Zoom (note: it works best if you download Zoom to your device rather than using the web browser). 

A note about how we will be together:

Friendship is an open & affirming congregation which means we are committed to listening and celebrating the ways folks share who they are and how they want to be called. We will pay particular attention to names and pronouns people use, such as they, them, she, her, he and him. When someone tells you their name and pronoun please use it, if you make a mistake or are corrected simply apologize, correct yourself and move on. 

We also are committed to creating gatherings that are accessible, inclusive and courageous both virtually and in real life. At Friendship we welcome everyone to occupy this space listening to your entire being. During worship, we invite you to move and engage as needed- whether that means sitting, standing, or moving. We are still furnishing our space and will have a cozy spot for kids and families in the next room coming soon. In the meantime, if you need a quiet spot or a changing table it is available through this hallway (indicate direction.) We also have three restrooms near the kitchen area that are small and limited in space, the spacious and accessible restrooms are in the hallway towards our cozy community space. 

We require masks to be worn at all times and will gently help one another to remember.

If there are any questions about any of these things mentioned, please feel free to contact us at

At Friendship we believe that God’s love is bigger than the labels and boxes that often define us. We welcome your whole self – your age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, your emotional, mental, and physical self — all of who you are and claim it as wonderfully and perfectly made in the image of God. Let’s learn together, be in community together, and this morning in particular, worship together keeping all these things in mind. Welcome to Friendship! Let us worship God.

What does Worship look like at Friendship? Take a look!