Lent at Friendship Presbyterian Church



It’s early this year but the season of lent is soon upon us, and while it’s hard to imagine spring just around the corner, new life will begin to appear in our midst soon enough. Join us this Lenten season in preparing for the new thing God is doing by clearing out some space to nurture it! Our Lenten theme this season is:

Declutter: Clearing out our hearts, minds and lives so new life can take root.


During this Lenten season, we will reflect on how we can declutter – our minds, hearts, relationships… and our households and material possessions.  The season begins on Ash Wednesday, ashes will be available at the station all day, beginning at 6:30AM.  We will host a simple ecumenical prayer service at noon and an evening service of ashes and communion at 7:00PM. Each week we will gather on Wednesday evenings for a simple soup supper and bible study and during worship on Sundays we use the practice of Lectio Divina to clear our heads and hearts so that we can hear our sacred stories anew. We will also hear true stories from folks in our community about letting go, holding on and decluttering.

If you would like to share a story, consider these questions as story starters and talk to Pastor Shawna:

A story about clearing out a space, could be a whole house, or just one drawer. What did you find? What did you keep? What did you throw out?

How do you declutter your mind? What do you do to clear it out, or let go of anxious or busy thinking? How do you know when you’ve had too much?

Are you more prone to excess or simplicity? Have you ever let go of something you regret? What was it important to you?

What do you like to collect or save? Has your collection come in handy? Has it ever gotten in the way of a relationship or new adventure?

What is something you need to “declutter” in your relationships? Are there stories you tell about yourself or others that hold you back or keep you from living fully?


As for material possessions, isn’t it great when we can declutter and find a good use for our excess?  We will be providing opportunities to do just that during Lent. One opportunity is providing reading material to our military personal and their families.  We will be collecting used paperback books in good condition.

Requested genres include:

  • Action/Adventure
  • Children and Young Adult
  • Classical Literary Fiction
  • Contemporary Literary Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • Non-Fiction: Biographies, History, Personal Finance, Travel
  • Puzzle Books
  • Science Fiction
  • Suspense/Thrillers
  • True Crime
  • Westerns
  • Please no Romance!   


So start gathering up those unwanted paperbooks, and bring them to Wednesday Evening Soup Suppers or Sunday Morning Worship during Lent.


The schedule for Holy Week:

March 20 ~  Palm Sunday 10:00AM

March 24 ~ Maundy Thursday Service (Dinner and Communion): 6:30PM

March 25 ~ Good Friday Tenebrae Service: 7:00PM

March 26 ~ Paint Easter Windows: 10:00AM

March 27 ~ Easter Sunday Morning & Egg Hunt: 10:00AM